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What’s Hot Summer Edition

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”- Marcel Proust. As the sunshine season begins, many of us are also planning our annual escapes and escapades; packing suitcases, heading to distant shores for new experiences. That’s why here in WH, we’ve planned ahead to help you in your next adventure with our collections of the season’s finest—whether it’s for a romantic weekend in Paris or a month long cruise in the Caribbean.


WH Autumn – Winter

Exclusive Interview: PASSION FOR FASHION

Antonio Banderas For Selected Homme

What’s Hot Special Edition

Time to celebrate! Finally, the season everyone has been waiting for is back and there’s no other way but to celebrate the sun, the sea and the sumptuous gift of life with our family and friends. This year, we have another big reason to celebrate, it’s the 75th anniversary of El Corte Inglés!


What’s Hot Winter Edition

Lights, Camera, Christmas! Turn the lights on and get ready for the flashiest, most brilliant products and services from El Corte Inglés this Holiday Season! Of course, never forget to flash your What’s Hot Loyalty Card during your Christmas shopping for amazing discounts and surprises!